Whitney Stevens and Jen

Jenny shows off her Monster Curves

It really looks like a lot of the "big butt" sites have found Jenny. I can see why they like her so much too. She's a small girl, maybe 110lbs, but she has a round, juicy ass. It's almost like she has a black person's ass. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Like Sir Mix a Lot said... I like them round and brown. I'm sure he would give Jenny the thumbs up even though she's not black. So another Jenny Hendrix big butt site, MonsterCurves.com. In this one though, she has a friend a long with her. I'm pretty sure that extra female is Whitney Stevens (if you haven't figured it out by now, I am a porno fan and know most of the girls' names). Whitney is another hottie, that's for sure. She has a huge set of tits, she's very sexual and puts on great scenes. Not to mention she has a very nice ass. Without any further wait, here's a small glimpse of the Whitney Stevens and Jennie Hendrix movie.

Whitney and Jenny posing for a picture

If you clicked on the picture above and took the time to watch the movies that the page offers, you are probably pretty happy. althought I did notice something a bit funny in the first movie. It start off with Whitney playing with her huge tits. And that's all I could focus on for the first few seconds. Then I look for my hunny Jenny, and she's in the clip, just in the background. So I start watching what shes' doing. That's the funny thing, she's in the back sort of just showing off her ass, and rubbing her legs. She's pretty far back so it's just weird. I try to connect these movies to real life scenarios. I think that directors should do the same. So let's just images thet you got those 2 to come over to your place. Then let's say SOMEHOW you got them to start taking off their clothes. Would you send one of them back like 15 feet away from the other? No, I think you would want them A. as close to you as possible, and B. preferably playing with eachother or your with your cock. But it's ok. I enjoy watching Whitney's huge DD's bounce around.

jenny glamour shot 1 jenny fucking with whitney jenny glamour shot 2


The second clip in that movie gallery which is linked to the big image of Whitney and Jenny, shows Miss. Stevens getting railed... HARD. I don't want this to start to be a Whitney fan page, but after watching these clips, I think I need to make one LOL. So we have the stunt cock on his back, getting riden by W. And he's going to town, it looks like Whitney is into a little anal cause while she is getting banged her butthole starts to show signs of opening just a tad. Inviting another cock to step inside. Jenny is toward the dudes head and you can tell she's either jealous that Whit is getting all the cock, or turned on by watching. How do I know? Well after a couple of seconds of watching, Jenny starts to rub her cunt all over the stunt dicks face. As to say, HEY MUTHA FUCKER EAT THIS NOW! That's the kind of girl I like. Not afraid to tell you, or in this case, show you what she wants. Kudos to both of you girls!

Hendrix Ugly Face LOL Double BJ with Jen and Whit

Ok, I'm done talking about that movie sample page from above. Let's move on to another topic. Another reason why I love Jennie. She's REAL. What do I mean by that? Well, let's take a look at the first pic from directly above. Yah, the one where she looks super ugly. Wait, WHAT? I know what you are asking yourself, did you just call her ugly. 99% of the time Jenny is super hot. But no one is perfect. No one can be hot 100% of the time. And well, honestly, if that's as ugly as Jenny gets then sign me up. Cause even in that pic she's hotter than any girl I've ever dated. So even though that first pic might be a mess, it's not a total loss.
This brings me onto a whole new rant. I don't know why some of the girls try to look OVERLY sexy. Like put on that super generic "fuck me" face where they have pouty lips and look like they're about to either moan out of please, or moan cause they just let out a giant fart madef rom their #3 double quarter pounder with cheese meal, superzied with a DIET coke LOL. I think the best images of the girls are when they're candid, and when the girl is similing like she would in real life. Not as if she's a porno super star. Have you seen pics of Jenna Jameson in the last 3 years? That's what I'm talking about. NOT for me. Directors... stop shooting girls making this face. Tell them not to make this face. Tell them a joke that's actually funny. Tell them something other than "ok, look sexy now" /endrant

These 2 pics blow me away

Hot pic of jenny and whitney another rad picture of whitney and jennie

I got those pics from this MonsterCurves.com gallery

Did you think I would end this page with a not-so-hot pic of my favorite pornstar? No way! These 2 are really really fine examples of the hotness, and the sexual skills both Whitney and Jennie have. I can't tell you what I would give for my cock to between those DD tits while the mouth of my favorite girl is waiting to suck on the tip of my dick. I think I just blew a load thinking about it. And the second picture does the same thing for me. It such a good teasing pic. It make me want to yell... EAT IT at the computer screen. But my wife would hear that and thing I'm yelling at the dogs or something, come out running to see the commotion and catch me with my pants down yelling at a 21st century porno machine. And we can't have that.

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